Self storage paso robles–When one is tired of trying to cram belongings into spare space that just isn’t there, a self-storage unit can be a lifesaver. There are many reasons to rent a storage unit, but before hastily spending money on a unit, take these tips into consideration.

Self-storage is a valuable service to many; sometimes you simply need more space. But what one is often not told when utilizing these services are some tips on how to use the service to the best of its potential. Today, self-storage Paso Robles business, River Road Mini-Storage has released the report, “5 Tips for Using Rental Storage Units.”

1. Select a facility wisely.
Before renting a self-storage unit, get quotes from the three nearest locations recommended by the Better Business Bureau of California. Another useful hint is to check whether the storage is a member of the Self Storage Association, who are held to a code of ethics and bylaw of the association, keeping the facilities to the highest standards.

2. Take temperature changes into consideration.
While it may be an unlikely issue in some areas, exceptionally warm, cold, or humid weather conditions inside facilities may have an effect on contents of the units. Some items should be double wrapped, well insulated, or kept elsewhere, such as electronics, vinyl records, old photos, and similar items.

3. Make sure belongings are insured.
If an item is valuable enough to pay to store it in a separate facility, why risk losing it in disasters such as a collapsed roof or fire? If homeowners’ insurance or renters’ insurance is already being paid for, ask an agent if items in storage units are covered as well under the current policy. If not, perhaps consider buying the minimum amount of insurance offered by the storage facility.

4. Labeling is never a bad idea.
Sure, while storing items it may initially be easy to remember what went where, but what about in a few months? Instead of tearing through boxes looking for that certain thing, simply label the boxes with their contents. It may be a tedious task, but it will be worth it in the long run.

5. Protect the unit.
One may primarily be concerned with protecting what is inside the unit, but the unit itself is important to protect as well. If the unit is destroyed or scarred during your tenancy, the fines can be costly. If using paints or glues inside the unit, it would be wise to lay down mats and cover the walls.

About River Road Mini Storage
River Road Mini Storage has been servicing the community since 1984 and has been owned by the current owners since 2004. Their goal is to provide a friendly, clean, secure Self-Storage. Paso Robles native Rick Runnells has been a local business owner since 1986 and has over 25 years’ experience with customer service and commercial property.

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