–The use of self-storage has increased steadily over the past decade. In this self-storage Paso Robles report, the storage experts at River Road Mini Storage detail the steps residents can take to keep their stored furniture intact.

The Best Way to Preserve Furniture

For both commercial and residential storage units, expensive items and equipment are often stored haphazardly. Storage professionals suggest following these simple steps:

1. Inspect the storage area for leaks. Most self-storage units are well-maintained or in an indoor facility. However, the report cautions that some units may be more vulnerable to leaks or may have openings that invite in insects, rodents, or the elements. Inspecting both the floor and walls of the unit can be an easy way to detect any potential issues that may destroy prized possessions.

2. Use plastic for lining. To be thorough, tenants can lay a sheet of thick plastic under furniture as an additional safeguard against water seepage. Plastic can also be used as an effective way to move heavy furniture and prevent table or sofa legs from being scuffed. Wrapping fragile furniture items in blankets or soft coverings can help to protect it from damage as it is stored as well.

3. Consider the placement of items. The report details the challenges that tenants have with reaching items when they are not accessible in the storage unit. Having to climb over or move items can introduce an added risk of breaking or damaging furniture. Self-storage Paso Robles experts strongly recommend placing items in the storage unit in order of when they may need to be accessed. For items that may not need to be retrieved for an extended period of time, then these items are best situated in the rear of the unit. Those items that may need to be checked often or accessed sooner should be located to the front of the unit, near the door, or near a cleared path.

4. Place fragile items last and toward the front. Fragile items are most often damaged during moving and storage. To avoid this, self-storage Paso Robles specialists encourage tenants to place these items toward the front of the unit. In this way, the item is not crowded by larger and heavier items and are within an arm’s reach to be inspected from time to time. The newly released self-storage report also cites falling objects as a leading cost in damaging stored furniture. Tenants should consider how items are stacked and arranged to maximize space. It is recommended that stacked items be placed toward walls as a support and not located near fragile items that may be destroyed should the stacked items shift and fall.

The newly released report is one in a series of educational materials for consumers looking to safely store their personal items. The self-storage Paso Robles team at River Road Mini Storage has been the leading storage provider for residents along the Central Coast for years. Our expertise in all things storage-related has given us the distinction of being the most trusted storage experts in the region. For a clean and well-maintained storage environment, River Road Mini Storage is the go-to affordable source. Contact us today at 805-239-4333 or visit their website at http://ministoragepasorobles.com.