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–River Road Mini Storage, the Paso Robles self storage company, has released a report about safely stacking boxes and furniture. “Correctly stacking possessions prevents personal injury, damaged property and loss of valuable items,” said owner Rick Runnels.

Safely stacking boxes and furniture

Preparation and planning is the key factor to safely packing and storing items. Prepare by getting the right kinds of boxes and packing materials. Plan by knowing that heavier items and the bigger boxes are generally going to be stored first, following by smaller lighter items on top of those.

  • Stack heaviest to lightest
  • Consider dividing the storage into areas for boxes and square shaped furniture and another area for chairs, the sofa and light boxes or boxes of fragile items.
  • Use the right boxes and packing materials

Stack heaviest-to-lightest

Store the heaviest items first and then stack according to weight so that the lightest boxes are on the top. Rick Runnels, owner of the Paso Robles self storage facility said that packing this way helps prevent boxes from being crushed and the contents damaged. Here are some tips to help:

  • Store boxes of fragile items under tables or between chair legs for extra protection. Use dresser drawers for storing well packed fragile items as well. Consider designating an area of the storage to boxes of fragile items.
  • Boxes can be packed around and on top furniture as long as the heaviest to lightest rule is followed.
  • Start at the back of the storage unit and don’t stack too high.

Don’t pack any box so heavy that it can’t be easily lifted. Weight is one of the reasons moving boxes come in different sizes. Books, for example, are best packed in smaller boxes.

Don’t over pack boxes, but do fill spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap to keep the contents from shifting. There are fewer things more frustrating on moving day than picking up a box that rips or collapses because it wasn’t packed or stacked safely.

Boxes and packing materials

Sturdy boxes are a must. Everyone likes to save money by collecting empty boxes from stores. For the best protection for your items, use boxes that are designed for packing and storing. Specialized packing boxes are available for a variety it items including china, glassware and wardrobe boxes for clothing. There are even boxes for mirrors and mattresses. For the best results, use the boxes that are designated for specific purposes.

The packing materials are just as important as the boxes. Tape, of course, seals the boxes tightly. Supplies like bubble wrap protect fragile items and also fill in open spaces between items in the boxes. Tightly back items are less like to shift around in the box.

Coverings like moving blankets or old blankets protect furniture from dust and scratches. Some items, especially wooden furniture without any glass doors, can be loosely covered with blankets to protect against scratches from items stacked on top. It’s a good idea to tape the coverings around upholstered furniture to help prevent dust from collecting.

Ask the storage experts

Ask the experts when you are renting the storage unit. River Road Mini Storage has been renting self storage in Paso Robles since 1984 and the current owners have been helping people solve storage problems since 2004. Call them today for self storage solutions.

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