-Rick Runnells from the Paso Robles storage company, River Road Mini Storage, reports that one of the most common questions from storage facility tenants is, “How much space will I need?” Runnells has prepared some tips to help people calculate what size units are going to best fit their needs.

“The size of the unit that someone needs depends on a few things,” said Runnells.

  • The square footage of the space being vacated
  • The quantity and size of possessions to be stored
  • How tightly items are packed and fit into the storage unit
  • Whether an aisle is needed for frequent access to stored items

For example, articles from small 400 square foot space with minimal furniture and boxes that are remaining in storage until moving to a new location, will most likely fit into a roughly 4.5 feet x 9 feet storage unit. With the average height of a storage unit being 8 feet, a 4.5 x9 storage unit provides 45 square feet of floor space and a total 360 cubic feet of storage space.

If those same items are going to be frequently accessed a larger storage unit that has space for an aisle for safe and easy access is necessary. People who store items for businesses often visit the unit to retrieve or return tools or inventory, for example. The Paso Robles storage company can accommodate needs up to 1295 cubic feet.

Here’s and idea of what can fit into an average storage space:

  • A studio apartment or small office can use a storage unit between 360 and 648 cubic feet
  • The equivalent of a two to three bedroom home needs between 648 to 1295 cubic feet.
  • There is always the opportunity to rent two storage units so everything fits.

Remember, that packing correctly using sturdy boxes, dismantling tables, and planning the best way to pack items into the storage unit is going to get the most use of any storage space. Everyone is exhausted by the time the home or office is packed up, loaded on the truck and arrives the storage facility. The inclination is to get the stuff into storage, go have dinner and get some sleep. Being tired and feeling rushed can lead to items not being stored and stacked safely and possessions being damaged. Plan the move to allow plenty of time to pack the storage unit is the best manner possible and take advantage of every available cubic foot.

River Road Mini Storage is a Paso Robles self storage facility with a convenient location. The security features include perimeter fencing, security lighting, monitored cameras and personal gate code access. All units have wide drive-up access and are accessible seven days a week. The staff is dedicated to making customer needs the top priority and the facility offers easy payment options.

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