Recently, the Paso Robles storage facilities company River Road Mini Storage has released a report on things to do to ensure that a storage unit is protected from vermin like bugs, mice and more! Read below to check out the report.

How to Protect Stored Items From Mice, Bugs and other Vermin

Utilizing a storage unit, whether it is a Paso Robles storage facility or anywhere else,  is a great way to save space at home without breaking the bank. However, these units shouldn’t be ignored until something is needed from them. This is because if these units are not cleaned and/or maintained, they can become a breeding ground for all kinds of vermin. With that in mind, here are some tips to make sure a unit is protected from those nasty little critters.

Use Plastic Containers/Plastic Wrap

Most of the time, pests damage property in storage units by chewing through the boxes, furniture or bags left in the unit. Mice and bugs can cause a lot of damage in a very short amount of time. To limit what they can do, plastic containers should be used instead of cardboard ones (for toys and smaller items), and all furniture and other exposed fabrics/items should be wrapped in plastic. These pests cannot chew through plastic, so the contents of the unit will be safe. This will also prevent mice and other vermin from making nests in blankets or furniture stored in any storage unit, including Paso Robles storage facility.

Don’t Invite Them In

While no one wants vermin coming into their unit, many people are essentially inviting them in. This is because it is fairly common for people to keep food in a storage locker, which is a big no-no. If food is in the locker, pests will do all they can to find a way in. The use of traps and other deterrence’s can also help keep them out of a storage unit.

Keep It Clean/Examine it Frequently

In addition to damaging items and furniture by chewing, the droppings left by various pests can not only be smelly and gross, but can actually be a health concern. To make sure that the droppings don’t accumulate a lot, people should look to keep their unit clean and examine it once in a while to ensure no problems are occurring. Examining and cleaning a unit can also be a great way to look for potential entry points for these little critters too.

Running out of room at home and need a place to store some things? If so, be sure to reach out to Paso Robles storage facilities company River Road Mini Storage and they are sure to have the answer. They have been in business for decades and pride themselves on a clean and secure location.

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