Self-storage can be a valuable option for those moving or even for busy business professionals on the go who want a safe and accessible place to store their work-related tools and materials. The River Road Mini Storage team recently outlined the general rules that all customers should consider before placing certain items in a storage unit. To view the report, visit their blog or see below.

As a general rule, any item that is considered ‘inherently dangerous’ should not be placed in a storage unit. In addition the report describes several other categories of materials that customers should think twice before placing in a storage unit, especially if it will not be visited and maintained regularly.

The Paso Robles storage unit experts at River Road Mini Storage suggest reading the storage use contract that is provided at the time of rental for a complete list of all of the items that may be prohibited from being stored. The report cautions that, “placing prohibited items in a storage unit could get result in hefty fines or even arrest.”

Below is a snapshot of the list included in River Road Mini Storage’s 2015 storage unit Paso Robles’ customer guidance report:

Plants and Living Items – Storage units are often dark environments with limited oxygen. Plants and other living items cannot survive in such conditions for long periods of time. Plants and animals that are stored in self-storage units will also lead to bugs and pest infestations.
Perishable Items – Food and medication should never be stored in a self-storage unit. Most units are not refrigerated and may experience very high internal temperatures during the warm summer months. Food will spoil quickly and invite unwanted bugs and mice to the storage facility. Using medication that has been exposed to 90+ degree temperature can pose a dangerous health risk as well.
Combustible or Flammable Materials – Fireworks, gasoline (yes, no gas cans), propane tanks, aerosol cans, fertilizers, oil, paint, and paint thinner should never be placed in a storage unit. Even when storing lawn equipment it is extremely important to drain all fluids before putting them in the storage unit.

This recent report is a reflection of River Road Mini Storage’s commitment to providing insightful information and top quality storage units Paso Robles residents have depended on since 1984. The experts at River Road Mini Storage are dedicated to the safe and secure storage of all of Paso Robles’ treasures – big and small.

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