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–The Paso Robles-based self-storage facility River Road Mini Storage has released some important tips for choosing a self-storage facility. Rick Runnels, owner of River Road Mini Storage in Paso Robles, California provides these tips as part of the company’s dedication to customer service. “Security is important,” said Runnels, “as well as other considerations. These tips help people make the right choice for the safety of their possessions and their budgets.”
The report covers:

  • Rental cost
  • Location
  • Unit size
  • Security
  • Insurance options

These tips have been released as part of the company’s continued dedication to customer service. Read the report on the River Road Mini Storage website or below.

Tips for choosing a self storage facility

These tips, prepared by the popular Paso Robles self storage company, River Road Mini Storage, cover important considerations such as cost, the facility’s location, unit sizes, security and insurance options.

Rental cost

Rental cost depends on the size of the unit. Some facilities offer discounts for long-term rentals. Some offer discounts to members of the local chamber of commerce or clubs like the 4-H. Senior citizen and veteran discounts are frequently available too. Sometimes the facility is offering specials or coupons.


Location is a matter of convenience. A short drive to retrieve items to restock shelves or fill orders is important for a small business. For long-term storage and infrequent visits, the location may not be as important. Sometimes, it just feels better to have personal property as close as possible.

Unit size

Most facilities offer various sized units ranging from areas about the size of a walk-in closet to a one-car garage. Some even have secure parking for vehicles and boats. The best way to figure out how much space you need is to discuss the subject with the storage facility staff.


Security is one of the top issues for both renters and management and the Paso Robles self storage facility on River Road is a model for security measures. Look for:

  • Code controlled gate access
  • Well lit and fully fenced
  • On-site security cameras

Other security considerations include a “no tailgating” policy and wide driveways between units with clear lines of sight.

Insurance options

As a general rule, self-storage facilities do not insure personal property. Sometimes you can buy insurance for stored items; this may be an option offered by the facility. Homeowners or renters insurance might cover a portion or offer coverage for an additional premium.

Overall considerations

There is rarely a single aspect that determines the best storage facility. Most of us start with an idea of a budget and how much space we can squeeze our belongings into. River Road Mini Storage owner, Rick Runnels, said that considering all of these tips are going to help customers come to the best choice.

River Road Mini Storage is a locally owned Paso Robles self-storage facility. The company offers three different sized units, with security at the gate and at each unit’s door and drive-up access to each unit. A first time customer discount coupon is currently on the company website.

River Road Mini Storage

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